History and Leadership

Opened in 1965 with Rear Admiral Desmond Hoare as Headmaster, the concept of Atlantic College was born during a lecture visit by Dr Kurt Hahn to the NATO Defense College in Paris in 1955, where he met British Commandant Air Marshal Sir Lawrance Darvall.

Atlantic College was designed to promote international understanding through education, to break down national barriers in education, particularly in the field of university admission, and to make education a force to unite nations.

In 1968, Lord Mountbatten took up the new position as President of the international Council of the United World Colleges.

Since then a further 15 colleges have opened across the globe.

Rear Admiral Hoare

Rear Admiral Hoare at the time the college opened

In 2008 UWC Atlantic College was visited by the BBC's Coast team who filmed at the seafront and the castle demonstrating the history of the castle from the time of Randolph Hearst in the 1920's to the international boarding college it is today.



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