UWC Atlantic College Students Create Unique “˜Self-Portraits‘

7th March 2012

Project Week - Creative ProjectOn the week leading up to project week 11 students at UWC Atlantic College created personal pieces of Art as part of an exciting creative project.

The concept was for students to combine words and images to create a ‘self-portrait’ in the widest sense of the meaning. Students were encouraged to be multi-dimensional in their approach and ideas by breaking boundaries and conventions by focusing on a narrative-visual piece. It was very much about the journey without the students considering the final results of what the piece may look like.

Discussions focused around the marriage of words - narrative - and visuals. Some used words to describe themselves, their stories and some used images.

The project provided students with a deeper understanding of the visual and narrative in words. It also provided an opportunity for self-discovery through Art.

Natalie Hooper was the visiting Artist who worked with the college students and Ruth Pickvance, The Head of the Literature, on this creative project.


 Here are some of the final pieces created by the students

  Creative Project week rocks and stones        

A link between rocks and water was discovered by this student. He photographed and collected a range of rocks to create a beautiful sculpture.

Creative Project Week Chinese cartoon

Through Anime, a Chinese cartoon style, this student produced a portrait of herself. She added words in Chinese and English and put her cat in the picture as it is important to her.

Role over the image to see the cat image.

Creative Project Week box

This student made some beautiful graphics and applied them three dimensionally to create a cube. The cubes facades represents the various places he has lived. He attached images of him to the front. It is interesting that you can never see all the facades of the cube.

Creative Project Week Name Visuals

Graphics created the letters of this student's name He pieced the letters together to create a sculpture and explored the shapes through shadows.

Creative Project Week stones

Beautiful rocks were created by using the visual qualities of Chinese characters to paint elements of this student's character and name. Seven rocks sat together - the one in the middle represented her country and around it a fish, a butterfly and a heart, meaning beauty, love and her name. The result was jewel like and intriguing.

Creative Project Week letters

This student created a three dimensional image of her name and then eluded to elements of her character through descriptive words. It created an interesting three dimensional sculpture that reflected different aspects of her personality.

Creative Project Week piano

This student developed the theme of a piano, as it had been an important part of her life. She created an octave of piano notes. As she plays the piano it gradually breaks up representing she no longer plays this instrument.

Creative Project week question mark

This student explored the idea that even though he is German he has never lived in Germany. He asked himself the question, 'where are my roots and what has this meant for me?’ The result was a tree with roots. The roots were accompanied by a large question mark along with leaves resembling the tree still growing and reflecting aspects of his life.

Creative Project week tree

An African tree, growing leaves, was created by this student. The leaves included secrets about herself. Her homeland of Nigeria is important to her.

Creative Project box

This student made a box about her life and thoughts. From the outside of the box, the facts are easily available. As you get further in, the information is harder to read. At the end, she wrote ‘I do not fit in a box’ and made a ladder out of the box.



Creative Project week poetry

This student wanted to look at the similarities of her life and a poem by Sylvia Plath. She drew elements of the poem and used words and images that she connected with.

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