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A Reflection on the International Show

31 Mar

The International Show is an annual cultural event held at UWC Atlantic College, which encourages students to celebrate diversity, showcase their talents and promote the UWC movement. Organized by Children Charity, and in connection with Save the Children, we share the vision that every child will one day hold the right to survival, protection, development and participation. Through this event, we also aim to raise awareness and fundraise for the charity.

We, as the Children Charity team leaders (Charlotte Bridgham-UK, Junior Sanchez Prado-Peru), started planning in mid-January and worked with a group of passionate volunteers that helped out on advertising, photo-shoots, poster-design, the organization of flag ceremony and back stage tech support on the night.

On the evening of 19 and 20 of February, we had a wide variety of performances, including dances from across the world, a Shakespeare monologue, a movie made by Pre-Diploma student, poems, folk songs and a performance from ACappella. We have got great support and feedback from our audiences: Atlantic College students, staff members, link families and alumnus. The funds raised was transferred to Save the Children Charity.

As a long-lasting event in Atlantic College, the International Show is a great opportunity to unite students and our community, embrace the multicultural experience and simultaneously shine the spotlight on social groups that are desperate for help. Children Charity members hope to encourage more people to stand with us and share the responsibility of improving the future development of children.

Mingfang Melody Zhang, class of 2014 from China

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