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Alumna Manages Kenyan Conservation Project

Alumna Manages Kenyan Conservation Project

03 Nov

Chantal Migongo-Bake (UWC Atlantic College), class of 2005 from Kenya, returned to Kenya after completing 10 years of education in the UK. She is currently a Conservation Project Manager at The Nature Conservancy, which strives to build resilient human and natural communities in Kenya, that are better equipped to adapt to an uncertain future that will include drought, economic shocks and political change. Prior to this, Chantal worked in environment and development, as well as a researcher on various projects in biodiversity and forestry.

About her UWC experience, she says: 'UWC allowed me to be very diplomatic in my handling of international matters. My current job requires me to work with people from a wide variety of countries and cultures. There is always a need and drive to do your part in the world. The Community Service programme at UWC Atlantic College made me realise how important it is to give back. I would not be who I am today, if it weren’t for the UWC education.'

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