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UWC Campus Volunteers

UWC Campus Volunteers

04 Jan

Our regular Gardening Volunteer group of alumni and friends of Atlantic College, have been formally designated a UWCx initiative by UWC International. They are amongst one of the first groups to have gained this status which was decided at the Community Engagement Committee meeting in Trieste in October.   

Julie Jones, UWC Atlantic College, class of 1974 writes that, ‘This is a reflection that as members of the UWC community we are at the core of UWC values.  This endorsement will enable us to have increased visibility while providing consistency with the UWC message.  

In order to reflect the continuing development of the group our new name is UWC Campus Volunteers.  While we have focused on activities at UWC Atlantic College over the last five years, the first foray to another campus took place in September – UWC Adriatic - to help prepare for the Conference in October.  We will still be carrying out projects at Atlantic College, but will also be exploring ways we can provide practical help to other Colleges and support opportunities for those who enjoy making a practical contribution to UWC life.’

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