Books by Alumni

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David Christian (AC63-65)

  • Big History: Between Nothing and Everything
  • Imperial and Soviet Russia: Power, Privilege and Challenge of Modernity
  • This Fleeting World: A Short History of Humanity (This World is Ours)
  • Maps of Time: An Introduction to Big History (California Wolrd History Library)
  • A History of Russia, Central Asia and Mongolia: Inner Eurasia from Prehistory to the Mongol Empire v.1
  • Living Water: Vodka and Russian Society on the Eve of Emancipation

Jennifer Heggie (AC64-66)

  • Waging War on Woolly Writing

Stephanie Mitcham (AC72-74)

  • The Angora Goat, it's History, Management and Diseases
  • Meat Goats: Their History, Management and Diseases
  • Think Like A Goat

Rafael Ramirez (AC72-74)

  • Business Planning for Turbulent Times: New Methods for Applying Scenarios
  • Agents of change: crossing the post-industrial divide
  • Les meilleures pratiques des multinationales : Structures, contrôle, management, culture
  • Prime Movers: Define Your Business or Have Someone Define it Against You
  • Designing Interactive Strategy: From Value Chain to Value Constellation
  • The Beauty of Social Organisation

Jonathan Michie (AC73-75)

  • The Development Decade?: Economic and Social Change in South Africa
  • Wages and the Business Cycle
  • The Handbook of Globalisation
  • Capital Flight and Capital Controls in Developing Countries
  • The IPO Decision: Why and how Companies Go Public
  • Innovation Policy in a Global Economy
  • Beyond the Casino Economy: Planning for the 1990's
  • Globalization, Growth and Governance: Creating an Innovative Economy
  • Global Instability
  • Employment and Economic Performance: Jobs, Inflation and Growth
  • The Political Economy of Competitiveness
  • Readers Guide to the Social Sciences
  • Political Economy of the Environment
  • Systems of Production
  • Employment, Technology and Economic Needs



Clifford Borg-Marks (AC73-75)

  • The Dowdy King: An Alternative Translation of Tao Te Ching, Lao Zi's Taoist Classic


Phillippe Axell (AC74-76)

  • Forgotten Island

Kevin Gardiner (AC75-77)

  • Making sense of markets: An investors guide to profiting amidst the gloom

Jamal Mahjoub (AC78-80)

  • Dogstar Rising
  • Travelling with Djinns
  • Nubian Indigo
  • The Golden Scales
  • The Drift Latitudes
  • The Carrier
  • In the Hour of Signs
  • Navigation of a Rainmaker
  • Wings of Dust

Nozipo Maraire (AC81-83)

  • Zenzele: A Letter For My Daughter


Tim Knatchbull (AC81-83)

  • From a Clear Blue Sky

 Ulrika Bjorksten (AC84-86)

  • Vetenskap ur funktion: forskningen om biologiska effekter av mobiltelefoni

Blanca Juti (AC84-86)

  • Honest, Finnish, Magic

Luke Harding (AC84-86)

  • The Snowden Files
  • Wikileaks: Inside Julian Assanges War on Secrecy
  • Mafia State: How one reporter became an enemy of a brutal new Russia
  • Libya: Murder in Benghazi and the fall of Gaddafi
  • Expelled: A Journalists desent into the Russian Mafia State
  • The Liar: The fall of Jonathan Aitken

Emmanuel Gobillot (AC85-87)

  • The Connected Leader: Creating agile organizations for people, performance and profit
  • Leadershift: Reinventing Leadership for the Age of Mass Collaboration
  • Follow the Leader

Ritu Sharma (85-87)

  • Teach a Woman to Fish
  • Lands and people of the World: Vietnam

Eric-Jan Lens (AC85-87)

  • Een geheim op zolder 
  • Fiets foetsie (Zoeklicht)

Joanna Lawrence (AC87-89)

  • Paradise Interrupted: Hurricane Ivan, Grand Cayman, 11-12 September, 2004

Caroline Webb (AC87-89)

  • How to have a good day

Horatio Clare (AC90-92)

  • Running for the Hills
  • Truant
  • A Single Swallow: Following the Migration from South Africa to South Wales
  • The Prince's Pen (New tales from the Mabinogion)
  • Sicily Through Writers' Eyes
  • Down to the Sea in Ships: Of Ancient Oceans and Modern Men
  • Orison for a Curlew: In search of a bird on the edge of extinction
  • Aubrey and the Terrible Yoot (Children's book)

Raginfrid Trohaug (AC92-94)

  • Okkupert kjærleik
  • Frå null til no
  • Dobbeltgjengaren
  • Landet alltid raudt

Emily Tippetts (AC93-95)

  • Someone Else's Fairytale
  • Nobody's Damsel
  • The Hunt for the Big Bad Wolf
  • Break it Up
  • A Safe Space
  • Castles on the Sand
  • Love in Darkness
  • Paint me True
  • Time and Eternity

Hilde Hagerup (AC93-95)

  • Lowenzhanlied
  • Zeit Der Lugen
  • Folly

Jack Fairweather (AC95-97)

  • The Good War: How We Lost the War and the Peace in Afghanistan

Ida Skivenes (AC01-03)

  • Eat Your Art Out

Yiva Waerenskjold (AC05-07)

  • Kom hjem når sorgene har løpt forbi 

Elaine Leong (AC07-09)

  • Singapore's Lost Son


Debbie Wyatt (AC77-79)

  • Cancer and Cancer Care


Jonathan Labman (AC71-73)

  • An Ordinary Being
  • Simply Awake


Christian Karner (AC92-94)

  • Writing History, Constructing Religion
  • Ethnicity and Everyday Life
  • Negotiation National Identities: Between Globalisation, the Past and "the Other"
  • The Use and Abuse of Memory: Interpreting World War II in Contemporary European Politics
  • The Commonalities of Global Crises: Markets, "Communities", Nostalgia.
  • Christian Karner and Monika Kopytowska (eds.) (2017) National Identity and Europe in Times of Crisis.
  • Lukasz Kumiega und Christian Karner (Hrsg) (2018) (Kon-)Texte des Politischen.
  • Aline Sierp and Christian Karner (eds.) (2019) Dividing United Europe: From Crisis to Fragmentation?


Stephan Pas (AC80-82)

  • Anna Cramer, 10 Poems
  • Anna Cramer, Selected Songs
  • Alban Berg, Drei Orchesterstücke


Wendy Cealey Harrison (AC68-70)

  • Beyond Sex and Gender


Andrew Allott (AC72-74)

  • Marches
  • Study Guide for IB Biology
  • Course Companion for IB Biology


Cesilie Tanderø (AC72-74)

  • Så godt å se deg!
  • CasaLauro – et møte med Italia
  • Mmm...
  • Uterommet i forvandling
  • De gode naturvettene
  • Den store Miljøboka 
  • Sesam stasjon – pekefortellinger  
  • Drøbak forteller, dobbel CD 


Mónica Mayer (AC71-73)

  • Rosa Chillante: mujeres y performance en México
  • Escandalario: los artistes a la distribución del arte


Meredith Andrews (AC93-95)

  • Who is Anna Andersson? Portraits of Sweden's Most Popular Name


Andreas Savvides (AC73-75)

  • Human Capital and Economic Growth


John Briggs (AC64-66)

  • Before the deluge: photographs of Cardiff's Docklands communities in the seventies


Harry Brockway (AC74-76)

  • The man who planted trees.


Patrick Corcoran (AC65-67)

  • Last light breaking
  • Cecil & Noreen


 Elisabeth Roest Kempemo (AC81-83)

  • The Barbet Revealed: Under the Curls of the French Water Dog.


 Mikael Präg (AC72-74)

  • Fibromyalgia, systematically treating/beating fibromyalgia and other chronic conditions.


Joshua Castellino (AC90-92)

  • Minority Rights in the Middle East: A Comparative Legal Analysis [with K Cavanaugh] (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013) 400pp.
  • Global Minority Rights [ed.] (Dartmouth: Ashgate, 2012).
  • Minority Rights in the Pacific: A Comparative Legal Analysis [with D Keane] (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2009).
  • The End of the Liberal State and the First Terrorist (London: Middlesex University Press, 2009) 102 pp.
  • Minority Rights in Asia: A Comparative Legal Analysis [with E Domínguez Redondo] (Oxford: Oxford University Press, United Kingdom, May 2006) 281 pp.
  • International Law and Indigenous Peoples [co-edited with Walsh N.] Leiden/Boston: Martinus Nijhoff (Raoul Wallenberg Institute Human Rights Library Vol. 20, 2005) 399 pp.
  • International Law and Title to Territory: A Temporal Analysis [with S Allen] (Aldershot/Burlington VT: Ashgate Publishers, February 2003) 365 pp.
  • International Law and Self-determination: The Interplay of the Politics of Territorial Possession with Formulations of Post-Colonial National Identity (The Hague: Martinus Nijhoff, 2000) 286 pp.


Jonathan Gifford (AC68-70)

  • 100 Great Leadership Ideas
  • My Steam Engine is Broken: Taking the Organization from the Industrial Era to the Age of Ideas
  • History Lessons: What Business and Management can Learn from the Great Leaders of History
  • An Idea a Day (Business)
  • Blindsided: How Business and Society is Shaped by Our Irrational and Unpredictable Behaviour
  • 100 Great Business Leaders: Of the world’s most admired companies (100 Great Ideas Series)
  • More Great Ideas a Day : 365 more business ideas for each day of the year
  • 100 More Great Leadership Ideas (100 Great Ideas)
  • History Lessons: What business and managers can learn from the movers and shakers of history
  • Perform To Win: Unlocking The Secrets of the Arts for Personal and Business Success
  • The Five Principles of Performance Thinking (co written by Dr. Mark Powell)


Peter Sutoris (AC05-07)

  • Visions of Development: Films Division of India and the Imagination of Progress, 1948-75


Carolyn Strauss (AC84-86)

  • Slow Reader: A Resource for Design Thinking and Practice


Frances Bowen (AC89-91)

  • After Greenwashing: Symbolic Corporate Environmentalism and Society

Annemarie Warro (AC75-77)

  • Tom, Maiden of St. Donat's

Christian Havrehed (AC86-88)

  • Beijing to Barbados in a Rowboat. How China and the West pulled together to row across the Atlantic

  • 划越   一个中国人和一个丹麦人横渡大西洋的故事 

  • Fra Beijing til Barbados i en robåd


Richard Davies (ex staff AC69-72)

  • Magic at Culver



 Michael Evans (AC65-67)

  • Healing for Body, Soul and Spirit


Stephanie Nimmo (AC84-86)

  • Was this in the plan?


Francois Paul-Cavallier (AC62-64)

  • Accompagner la vie - entretiens avec le philosophe Emmanuel Hirsch, ed. Mediaspaul.
  • Mourir vivant au risque de l'amour - ed. Mediaspaul.
  • Grandir ensemble dans l'epreuve - avec Jean Monbrouquette, pour les jeunes confrontes au deuil, ed. Mediaspaul.
  • J'allege ma vie - aux editions Plon.
  • Je me decouvre par la psychogenealogie - aux editions Plon.
  • Visualisation des images pour agir - chez InterEditions.
  • S'entrainer a la Visualisation-Symbolisation au quotidien - chez InterEditions.
  • Les jeux de cooperation pour les formateurs - aux editions d'Organisation.
  • Eduquer gagnant - editions Eyrolles.
  • L'hypnose ericksonienne - ed. Bernet Danilot.
  • Traduction et adaptation: Conte chaud et doux des Chaudoudoux - de Claude Steiner, InterEditions.


Andras Tilcsiz (AC99-01)

  • Meltdown: Why our systems fail and what we can do about it.


Nathan Wangusi (AC01-03)

  • Songs of Soul: The window of my soul I throw wide open...

Matilde Tomat (AC85-87)

  • Rebeltherapy: a therapist journey through addiction, trauma, and Nichiren Buddhism 


Perveez Mody (AC89-91)

  • The Intimate State: Love-Marriage and the Law in Delhi


Emily Yau (AC85-87)

  • Harvard Business: Revelation (Chinese, English)
  • Harvard Business Confidential (6 languages)


Claudio Calcagno (AC98-00)

  • Exclusionary Practices (co-authored with C Fumagalli & M Motta)


Richard Irvine (AC87-98)

  • Forest Craft - A child's guide to whittling in the woodland



Ulrich Goluke (AC69-71)

  • Generous Respect - The next story of humanity
  • Scenarios - How to create them and why you should

Glenn (Chip) Hughes (AC68-70)

  • A More Beautiful Question: The Spiritual in Poetry and Art
  • Transcendence and History: The Search for Ultimacy from Ancient Societies to Postmodernity
  • Mystery and Myth in the Philosophy of Eric Voegelin
  • The Politics of the Soul: Eric Voegelin on Religious Experience [editor]
  • The Eric Voegelin Reader [co-ed. with Charles R Embry]
  • Revolutions, Finished and Unfinished, from Primal to Final [co-ed with Paul Caringella and Wayne Christaudo]
  • Politics, Order, and History: Essays on the Work of Eric Voegelin [co-ed. with Stephen A. McKnight and Geoffrey L. Price]
  • Taos Mountain, by Robert Sund [editor]
  • Notes from Disappearing Lake: The River Journals of Robert Sund [co-ed. with Tim McNulty]
  • The Timelessness of Proust [co-ed. with Charles R. Embry]
  • Sleeping at the Open Window
  • Erato: Twenty Elegies

Christopher Sykes (1962-64)

  • No Ordinary Genius: The Illustrated Richard Feynman (Norton, NY, 1994).

Brian Chi Fung Lai (1999-01)

  •  All you need to know about RMB Interest Rate Swaps (利率互换通关秘籍). China Machine Press, ISBN: 978-7-111-63802-5. Language: Chinese.

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