Choose the gift

Once you have made the decision to make a Legacy/ Bequest gift to UWC Atlantic College, the simplest way to proceed is to designate the college as a beneficiary in your Will. It could be a specific monetary amount, an asset or a percentage of your total Estate.

Although the types of gift may vary from country to country, the following types of gifts are the main ways of giving that you might consider.

Specific Legacy

You designate a personal possession such as property, shares or other items to the college.

Residual Legacy

You donate a percentage of your Estate to the college after all debts, taxes, expenses and any specific bequests have been paid. This type of giving keeps your intended gift in line with your assets as they change over time.

Monetary Legacy

You designate a fixed sum of money to the college, also known as a pecuniary gift. The value in real terms may decrease over time due to inflation. The best way to reconcile this position is by means of a Residual Legacy/ Bequest.

Reversionary Legacy

You provide for your family first and then the college. It involves leaving your assets to Trustees so that the beneficiaries can enjoy the benefits during their lifetime, with the whole, or a portion, reverting to UWC Atlantic College on their death.

We encourage you to seek professional legal, tax and financial advice to help you decide the most suitable type of planned giving for your personal situation.

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