Delivering our Mission

Members of our community lead by example, embrace challenge, learn through shared experience and become empowered to make a positive difference in the world.

We deliver our mission by being committed to:

  • Global citizenship – we bring together a dynamic community of young people from truly diverse backgrounds to facilitate intercultural engagement and motivate students to create a more peaceful world 
  • Environmental responsibility – we take a challenging and interactive approach to learning that inspires and equips students to work towards a more sustainable future
  • Lifelong service – the vast range of opportunities and projects we make available to our students prepares them to be leaders within their own communities and live the college’s mission throughout their lives
  • Transformative education – we pride ourselves on our pioneering and distinctive educational model; the way students learn, interact with one another and take part in community activities presents life-changing tests and personal discovery, which mark the beginning of a lifelong journey 
  • Bursaries on promise and potential – the true diversity of the student body depends on our ability to reach out across the globe to attract and encourage new students from vastly differing environments. 
  • Safeguarding the health, wellbeing, safety and security of our students Please vote for Elpis Solar from UWC alumni Sam!

1 day ago

Very proud of our UWC Atlantic team - and we're looking forward to the Final next month! Good luck everyone…

4 days ago