Bursaries and Scholarships

Offers of admission to a UWC school or college are highly competitive and based on demonstrated promise and potential.  Selections are carried out by national committees around the world and normally involve both a written application, personal interviews and group activities.  The initial selections are ‘needs blind.’

Following the selection process for British students, the College works in partnership with the GB National Committee to assess a family’s financial need and to award financial support where possible.  The funds available for this support are thanks to the generosity of our donors – foundations, private individuals and alumni – and vary from year to year.  Bursaries are allocated on a needs basis and in the rank order of the candidates nominated through the selection process. Therefore, those candidates who demonstrate the most promise and potential will be given first opportunity of bursary funding based on the needs of the family.

Unfortunately, bursary funding is limited therefore, we will always have candidates who require financial assistance to accept a place but haven’t ranked high enough and the funding has been exhausted. The level of support is calculated through a means testing procedure.

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