Atlantic Global Leadership Experience

The Global Leadership Experience is a challenging, highly rewarding programme, bringing together passionate and aspirational young people from all around the world to explore the issues shaping our planet and our future while taking you on a journey towards becoming the change makers and innovators to meet those challenges.

Every day is packed with new experiences - from exploring the complex systems of the world (why some work and why others simply don’t) to developing your own answers to the BIG ethical, social, environmental, political, geographic and economic questions that impact the lives of everyone.

  • Who should be leading on climate-change?
  • Can there be an end to global poverty?
  • How can we talk about human rights when there are so many human wrongs?
  • Am I doing all I can/should to live sustainably?
  • How do my biases affect my actions?



The Global Leadership Experience is being run in partnership with Atlantic School for Young Leaders (ASfYL), a charity created in 2014 to develop the leadership skills of young people from across the globe.
Following the completion of four successful ASfYL leadership programmes held at UWC Atlantic, we are pleased to continue our Summer Education Programme partnership with UWC Atlantic, which will continue our work inspiring young leaders to make a positive local impact

 Ceri Thomas, Director | Atlantic School for Young Leaders  



Programme Cost: £2,950. 

GLE is based at UWC Atlantic;a 12th Century castle by the sea in Wales. You’ll have opportunities to explore the local area and experience the beauty of South Wales and with a 122 acre site, including its own woodland, seafront, farm and valley, you’ll be able to take part in a diverse and intensive programme of activities including lifeguarding, kayaking, surfing, sailing, power boating, swimming, mountain walking, navigation, and climbing. 

If you’re interested in joining Global Leadership Experience 2020, please complete the application form below by clicking the apply button, or alternatively to download the application form click here and email it to   You can read our terms and conditions here.



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