GLE Frequently Asked Questions

Applications and Admissions

  1. What level of English is expected for International participants?
    While we do not demand advanced English proficiency, it is important to us that you are able to speak, read and right enough to learn from this opportunity. We want everyone to be able to contribute. We may request a brief Skype interview to assess English proficiency before accepting overseas students on to the programme.
  2. Do you have rolling admissions?
    Yes. Applications submitted after 30th June will automatically be added to our waiting list and processed on a rolling basis accordingly.
  3. How will applicants be notified of admission decisions?
    Due to rolling applications, we hope to contact all those who have been successful within one month of full applications being received.
  4. Do you provide transcripts or course credit for your programme?
    No, but each participant will be awarded a GLE Certificate of Completion by UWC Atlantic College, with a UWC Short Courses stamp. Should participants wish, they can use this certificate when applying for University or other purposes such as internships, etc.
  5. I'm attending another programme that overlaps with yours. Can I arrive late/or leave early?
    We expect each participant to attend the full duration of the programme, and, subsequently benefit from all the activities provided by GLE.
  6. Does attending GLE help me to get into a UWC for the Diploma Programme?
    No, but it gives you a taste of UWC life and may make applying to a UWC appealing. We hope so!

During the Programme

  1. What is the weather like in August in Wales?
    August is the peak summer month in Wales, and we hope for glorious sunshine of around 22°C. That said, we do often have rainy showers so we recommend you pack for warm and wet weather.
  2. How many students are in a dorm?
    There will be 4 students to a dorm and shared separate gender bathrooms.
  3. Are phones allowed during the programme?
    While you can keep your phones, we will request you do not have them with you during the day and only use them after 6pm.
  4. Should I bring a PC?
    Yes do bring one if you feel comfortable as well as a USB stick. You will have the possibility to lock it in your dorms.
  5. If my parents need to reach me, who else can they call?
    Closer to the time, we will send out telephone numbers of the Programme Co-ordinator for any emergencies.
  6. Is there vegetarian food?
    Yes and we can also accommodate other special dietary requirements when notified in advance.
  7. Is there a shop on campus?
    No and there will be no time to go to the nearest town, Llantwit Major, which is a 30 minute walk away so please bring all you need for the two weeks like toiletries, batteries, snacks or special food, medication, etc.
  8. Are we allowed to have spending money?
    Yes, you may bring up to 100GBP to spend on your day in Cardiff.
  9. Can I do laundry on campus? Do I have to pay?
    Yes, there are common washing machines that are free.
  10. How is first aid and medical help provided?
    Designated Pastoral Staff are trained and any additional treatment or emergency care will be provided by local doctors and hospitals as required.
  11. Is there a curfew?
    Yes, you will be expected to be in your rooms by 10pm.
  12. Can we leave campus on our own?
    No, structured opportunities for visits will be provided as part of the programme as needed under staff supervision. This is for your safety.
  13. I am uncomfortable with some of the outdoor activities; can I opt out?
    Part of the fun of being on this course is to be able to participate in the daily outdoor activities. You do not need any prior experience and seasoned staff will be at hand to help you.

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