Statement of Boarding Principles and Practice for IB Students


As one of the United World Colleges, UWC Atlantic College is committed to the ideal of making education a force for peace and a sustainable future. The college is a happy, friendly community of young people and adults, who show a great deal of care for, and respect of, each other.

We have approximately 160 16-19 years olds studying for the International Baccalaureate Diploma and about a further twenty 15-16 year olds doing a one-year Pre-Diploma (IGCSE) programme. Students in both programmes participate in a range of co-curricular activities that reflect our mission.


There are seven IB Houses, each accommodating about 50 students. The houses are mixed-gender, with girls and boys being separately accommodated in separate wings, or on different floors. Most students are in dorms of four, with nationalities and cultures being deliberately mixed. As far as possible, students share dorms with others who are in the same year group and of a similar age. Each dorm has a telephone.

Each House has its own individual character and charm. There is a day room in each with a basic kitchen and a quiet room for studying. The quiet room contains computers and access to wi-fi.

We have a social centre in which there is a large ‘coffee lounge’ used for student social functions, a dance studio, a multi-gym and a large multi-functional hall used for sports and discos on the weekends.

A college laundry is located within walking distance of the student Houses.

Welfare and Support

Houseparents play a particularly important role in students’ lives here. They live in homes adjacent to the students and spend a very considerable amount of time interacting with them, ensuring that they feel happy and secure. There is also an Assistant Houseparent for each House and a group of 5-6 personal tutors who not only advise students on academic matters, but also assist them with their co-curricular commitments and support them in a pastoral sense.

There are two ‘Peer Listeners’ (one girl and one boy) for each IB house. These are Second Year (Year 13) students who are trained in listening skills and look out for fellow students, who are unhappy or struggling with life at the college. We also have an ‘Independent Listener’ in the local community who students can contact.

Our Health Centre is staffed by two nurses and a part-time counsellor and a local GP holds surgeries there twice a week. More details on the services of the Health Centre are provided in the Student handbook. Special dietary requirements based on health, religious or cultural needs are provided for by our catering staff.

Safeguarding is considered to be of utmost importance at the college. We have a thorough Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy (found on our web site and in our Student Handbook) and all members of staff are given child protection training on a regular basis. Students are taught about child protection issues, general safety and more specifically about e-safety issues. They are also informed as to how to make a complaint against a member of staff. No form of bullying is tolerated at the college.

The ‘student voice’ at UWC Atlantic College is powerful. There are representatives from each House on the Student Council, Staff-Student Council, Sustainability Council and Peace Council. The student Chair and Vice Chair of the Student Council also attend our Board of Governors’ meetings.

We have a diverse number of activities for students to participate in on weekends, which range from trips away from campus organised by Houseparents, weekly guest lecturers visiting the college, or ‘National Evenings’ in which students from certain parts of the world showcase their cultures through song, dance and comic sketches.


From Monday to Friday during the ‘school day’, students are supervised mainly by teachers, with the teacher to student ratios being about 1:8 for IB students. During evenings and weekends, students are supervised by pastoral staff. There are typically 12 members of staff on duty most evenings of the week (including weekends). During the daytime on the weekends there are six members of staff on duty. During the night, pastoral care is provided by two members of Night Staff.

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