Keep in Touch

As alumni, you are UWC Atlantic College's best ambassadors!

In the future, every time you invest your time, energy, and expertise, you carry with you an important message from the unique UWC's educational experience: a passion for education being a force to unite people, nations and cultures which transfers to an approach to all of life's undertakings.

Many of the alumni we have met request ongoing, meaningful engagement with UWC Atlantic College - and we are more than happy to keep in contact. So we will be keeping you up to date through direct mail, our website and regular newsletters.

As we all know face-to-face contact is irreplaceable so as well as organising annual reunions events we would also like to host more gatherings around the country and beyond, where alumni can come together and reminisce - let us know if you want to help.

So please do keep in touch. Don't forget to update us with your email and postal addresses and any postcards and messages about what you are up to are most welcome.

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