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The Bumble Bee Walk

The Bumble Bee Walk

We were privileged to spend the afternoon with Gill Perkins, CEO of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust UK at UWC Atlantic College.

Gill, together with professional botanist Tim Rich and BCT member Lucy Jones, provided students with a unique opportunity to learn from professionals about how we at the College can contribute, by carrying out active fieldwork, to help conserve bumblebees and other insects which form a critical part of our ecosystem.

We learnt some of the basics bumble bee identification features before spending time carrying out fieldwork around campus to identify and monitor the fascinating behaviour of the bumble bees, a wide ranges of species were recorded in a relatively short time window. The conclusion is we have a pretty unique site where bumble bees and other pollinators can thrive; the next step in the short term is to establish our own monitoring program and build upon this excellent experience.

Many thanks to Gill, Tim and Louise for giving us their time, they left leaving a buzz in the air!

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