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Tsunami Rescue Boat completed by students at UWC Atlantic College

Final Boat

The Outdoor Faculty and Boat Building group completed the new Tsunami Rescue Boat for Japan this week and she has been undergoing sea trials at the slipway during the last few days.  As far as we can ascertain she is the first new hull in the last 23 years to be designed at the college (other boats during this period were copies of existing hulls), and she is performing well.  Mees Wielinga, from the Netherlands who is due to graduate this year, has been working on this as his 2nd year Design Technology project, and was first to drive her on Monday.  After the success last summer with ‘Naomi’ the new boat is an adapted form of the original 1967 hull, only two feet longer and nearly a foot wider.  She has lots more deck space for stretchers and other equipment, a larger 40hp engine that has managed 25 knots in initial trials with four crew members aboard, and a higher volume hull to give greater buoyancy in picking up a large number of casualties.

We shall be trialling an outboard water jet engine in the next two weeks to check suitability for flood rescue work in shallow water, and continuing rigorous testing at the seafront and in flood water scenarios.  She is due to be sent to Japan in June and will be trialled there, copied and will hopefully initiate a fleet of inshore lifeboats and tsunami rescue boats on the Japanese coastline.

A full range of pictures of the build process and recent film of sea trials can be seen at:

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