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The University Admissions Officers Report 2015

The University Admissions Officers Report 2015

The aim in conducting this research is to inform parents and students alike about the different educational pathways that are available, assisting in identifying the best schools and relevant programmes. This is the tenth year a report has been commissioned among university admissions officers. This year’s survey has been developed collaboratively between the International Baccalaureate (IB), IB Schools and Colleges Association (IBSCA) and ACS International Schools.

The world’s education offerings are fast changing and evolving in parallel to 21st century life, and it is therefore imperative that we continually benchmark and assess the impact of upper secondary education that is offered both in the UK and the rest of the world, as well as the increasing value universities place on qualifications such as the IB Diploma Progamme and IB Career-related Certificate.

In the UK, the past decade has seen a particularly swift change within the education sector. From September 2015, the government’s newly recommended English Baccalaureate (EBacc) programme will be introduced to schools for students aged 16. The programme introduces a new style of examinations in five essential subjects: English, maths, a science, a language and a humanity (either history or geography) subject. Students will continue to study GCSEs until new syllabuses for other subjects have been created.

There is now a range of education choices available to students that did not exist when their parents were at school, and further education and work opportunities that were unheard of when they left school. This survey has been developed for parents who are investigating into the best option for their child, and to help each student choose the right path for them. As such, we asked university admissions officers their views on the different education offerings in their country, and which they think is the best preparation for university.

An educational offering that allows children to flourish within our ever changing world is paramount in assisting them to make their mark in our global society and is a central commitment in the IB mission.

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Adrian Kearney

Regional Director Africa, Europe and Middle East

International Baccalaureate


This report is based on research carried out by ACS International Schools, in partnership with the IB and IBSCA



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