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Post-Conflict Reconstruction

MUN and Peace

The 2016 Peace Conference is fast approaching and planned to take place on the 28/29 January. The conference theme is Post-Conflict Reconstruction and organised by UWC Atlantic College Model United Nations MUN and Peace Council students. There will be Associated Schools Scholars and distinguished guest speakers such as human rights lawyer Sir Geoffrey Nice and Nobel Peace Prize winner Rae McGrath attending the conference. The conference will be a mix of MUN debates and workshops, some of which will be student-led.  

Topics of discussion will include:

  • How to deal with resurrecting communities
  • Peace and reconciliation committees
  • Emphasis on recovery and rebuilding society
  • How to recreate political constitutions
  • Post-conflict​

Kwan Yee Ng (UWC Atlantic College) class of 2016 from China

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