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Climate Change Conference

Sustainability Conference

Photograph: Sustainability Team from the conference last year

The topic for the Sustainability Conference this year is Climate Change. It runs from the 18 to the 19 February. First year and second year students will attend lectures, as well as seminars and workshops led by guests and students.

Workshops include ‘Sustainability – what’s your commitment by Caroline Arnold, (UWC Atlatic College), class of 1990, ‘Why should I do my bit, unless everyone else does too?’ by Laurence Mathews, ‘Sustainability at UWC Atlantic College’ by Georgina Kuhlmann and Celia Comberg, class of 2017, ‘Sustainable Farming’ by Saroshah Islam, also class of 2017, along with many other interested topics.

Thursday afternoon will see the election of the Sustainability Council Chair and Friday will include the final debate to complete the conference in the Bradenstoke Hall.

Programme of events Thursday

Programme of events Friday

‘From the person who donated £20, to the person who donated £2000 - thank you. I am extremely grateful and indebted… I will do everything in my power to make sure that the contribution made is going to mean something more…’

Sheryl Ofwona, Class of 2019, from Kenya

The difference of a scholarship

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