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'Come Dine With the Future'

'Come Dine With the Future'

Yesterday evening, some members of the Environmental Faculty visited the National Museum of Wales in Cardiff to explore food and its sustainability at an event called "Come Dine With the Future". We were invited by the Royal Society of Biology and the Network for Low Carbon Energy and Environment (NRN-LCEE) who had asked a panel of experts from food-related sectors in research and industry to present a menu of what they would envisage people eating in fifty year's time. We learned about insect cakes, azolla burgers, and the benefits of eating seaweed, and, most of all, we learned that we really need to think holistically about food production, especially in terms of the moral and social implications underpinning it (this was the AC interpretative slant to it all). We came away with much "food for thought". Adrian Rainbow, Faculty Head Environmental.

‘From the person who donated £20, to the person who donated £2000 - thank you. I am extremely grateful and indebted… I will do everything in my power to make sure that the contribution made is going to mean something more…’

Sheryl Ofwona, Class of 2019, from Kenya

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