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Project Week: Challenge Wales

Project Week: Challenge Wales

Project Week gives students an opportunity to live the mission by experiencing first-hand, activities that seek to push their physical and mental boundaries, their compassion for others, and their readiness to learn new skills.

A group of students set sail around the South Coast of England aboard the Challenge Wales, learning rescue skills, running repairs, and visiting Plymouth University's marine science department. Whilst there, they conducted microbiology science experiments, measured nitrates and pH and salinity in the water, collected and observed plankton and even spotted some macro fauna like porpoise, dolphins and many different sea birds.

Houseparent Anest Allaway sent this report at the start of the journey... "Safely moored at Plymouth after a 26 hour crossing from Lundy. We braved huge swell and 35kn winds - it was certainly challenging and terrifying at times. Luckily for... me the sea sickness passed on the crossing to Lundy from Swansea so I was ok, others were not so fortunate! But all the students did amazingly and they certainly impressed with their grit and determination in what was an extremely harsh environment. We'll be here all day and night and then onwards tomorrow."

‘From the person who donated £20, to the person who donated £2000 - thank you. I am extremely grateful and indebted… I will do everything in my power to make sure that the contribution made is going to mean something more…’

Sheryl Ofwona, Class of 2019, from Kenya

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