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Project Week: Sailing in Swansea

Project Week: Sailing in Swansea

'For our yearly project week, maths teacher Rob Scott decided to organise a sailing trip to Swansea water sports. A group of us were chosen in order to complete a five day sailing course led by James and Sam, who did not just teach us the practical part of sailing but also the theoretical bit. All this was accompanied by early morning wake ups by Lucie Korodimou our Trainee Outdoor Learning Practitioner, quick Sunley stops and several coffee breaks! 

Through practical experience and team-building we've all managed to complete RYA level 2 and some students even level 3. It was a lot of fun but unfortunately we lost some team-members along the way due to the tough conditions. All of us got a chance to experience rough winds, capsizing and cold, wet days. Looking back at it now, all of us are very lucky to have seen the incredibly beautiful part of Wales. Tackling difficult situations such as jibing, tacking and capsizing became much easier as the week passed. Good weather conditions even allowed us to have delightful lunches, including a barbecue on the stunning bay of Oxwich. We would all like to thank Rob and Lucie for organising this amazing project for us, and Sam and James for guiding us through the week

Gregor Poduschska & Anne Noor, class of 2017

'I am learning that all we need is the right kind of motivation in order to pursue our dreams.’

Marvellous John, class of 2016, from Nigeria

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