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UWC Day - "The Best Day of The Year?"


An account of UWC Day by current Atlantic College student, Elina Fakhretdinova

Every year the UWC Day is celebrated on the 24th of September across all the UWCs, it is a very special day for all the students and staff.

Here at UWC Atlantic College, we begin the day with the fashion show that is an incredible thing to watch. The models are the students, who dress up with their national costumes and show off their pride and diversity with music that accompanies each model. The music was chosen by the students, who were modelling, and it is a song in their own language from their country.

It is my second year here, and I really enjoy sitting in the audience while watching the show as you always notice how confident the students are in their national costumes, how they are glowing and how happy they are to be here. This year and last year the majority of people stayed from the beginning until the end of the day. And this is what bring us closer together and helps us put our studies aside for the day.

After the fashion show, we all stayed to sing a song by John Lennon that is called "Imagine," we sang as a sign of peace and a way of showing our school spirit. It was amazing to watch how we all came together, despite all the differences between us, to contribute to this amazing positive change.

After the singing there were a lot of different activities that were offered students. These activities include: Henna tattoos, Bollywood dancing, and a food fair - I always make sure to attend as many of these activities as I can. This year as well as last year I have chose to attend the Henna tattoos activity that is led by students, who have come from cultures where henna tattoos are practiced.

Another fun activity that I had a chance to enjoy twice is a food fair. The day before, each house had to prepare food for different national groups, we had a great opportunity in my house to learn a new recipe for a Latin American dish. We gathered in the house of our lovely Resident Assistant and started preparing a lovely dessert that everyone had the opportunity to try during UWC Day.

For me, a food fair is an amazing opportunity to discover new cuisines and see how diverse our college is. The food that was cooked by the students always has an amazing taste and there is a huge range of foods that are offered from all over the world.

For me, the UWC day is always a very special event that allows me to experience diversity at UWC Atlantic College. The 24th of September will always bring a smile to my face as it will be a constant reminder of how amazing all of the UWCs are.

For me, the UWC day is the day when we show the rest of the world how to live the mission. The day we all come together to celebrate diversity and to have fun. Each year I learn something new from this day, for example this year I have learnt a recipe for the Latin American dish. In addition to that, last year I learnt a lot of new and fun facts about the traditional henna tattoos, it was so much fun!

The UWC day is indeed the best day of the year. You get to celebrate the diversity of the community, try new food and learn interesting facts about other cultures. What an amazing day!

- Elina Fakhretdinova





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