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Tenzin Choeyang Interviewed Live on BBC News Worldwide

Tenzin Choeyang

Yesterday our second year student Tenzin Choeyang, was interviewed live on BBC News Worldwide by Yalda Hakim - discussing her role as a Youth Ambassador for the World Literacy Foundation.

Tenzin is a Tibetan refugee who has spent her life living in India - she is also the only Tibetan in the College!

Tenzin was informed about the World Literacy Foundation by our Director of Outreach, Ken Corn. From this, Tenzin realised that the purpose of this foundation, strongly relates to what Tenzin would like to pursue in her life.

In the BBC World News interview, Tenzin carries on to explain why education is so important to her, the current situation in Tibet, and why she is currently living in the UK.

It is also important to mention that Tenzin was unaware that she was going to be interviewed on the day, and has never been to London before, so the whole College is extremely proud of her and thinks she did a fantastic job!

Tenzin is a great example of the wonderfully talented students we have here at UWC Atlantic College!

To view the video, please visit our Facebook page here.

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