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My Experience So Far at UWC Atlantic College - by Morgan Keogh

Morgan Keogh - My Experience So Far...

My name is Morgan Keogh and I am currently a first year at the United World College, Atlantic College. I am indeed from Wales, Port Talbot, and I would just like to begin by explaining how I discovered the inspirational movement I now represent.

The exact moment I became aware of United World Colleges is all very vague. 

However, the roots of the discovery lie within my mother and activities of my own.  When performing as an actor in a series called the Bastard Executioner that was filmed at St. Donats Castle, I caught sight of the symbol of the United World Colleges movement being removed in preparation for the scene.  

With intrigue in mind, I decided to explore this symbol - only to discover the opportunities and inspiration it beheld. 

This organisation developed individuals who wanted to make a significant difference in their communities - both locally and across the globe; it encouraged global leaders and change makers.

Back home in Port Talbot, I had been involved with a variety of clubs and initiatives both within and outside school - I had been a member of the School Council and the school debating team and I’d been Vice Chair of the Youth Council of Port Talbot. I’d now be able to use the valuable skills I’d developed there and take them to another level.

I immediately knew that this movement was one I simply could not ignore and began the process of filling in an application form. Following this rigorous assessment process, I was finally accepted - and the rest as they say, is history!

Since I started at the College in late August this year, my experience has been littered with countless memories, laughter and most importantly the United World College spirit which indeed has made the world class education it provides a force to unite people and cultures.  

Not only has Atlantic College taught me to appreciate my own country, but it has also taught me how to appreciate the various cultures represented. I both live and learn with over 90 different nationalities and my hope is to learn as much from them as they will learn from me and the country that I represent.

I have a golden opportunity to put Wales on the international map both now and in the future.

 My time at Atlantic College so far has been inspirational and educational, too diverse for words and too exciting to describe.  My experience is enhanced by my friends, my rewarding service and the vast array of extra-curricular activities that the College offers.

As I continue on my journey with so many opportunities on the horizons, I can truthfully say that from the perspective of a Welst student, Atlantic College is like no other.

- By Morgan Keogh (current student at UWC Atlantic College)




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