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Peace Protest in Cardiff for Rohingya Crisis

Rohingya Crisis Peace Protest Cardiff 2017

On Friday 10 November, UWC Atlantic College students visited Wales' capital city to peacefully protest and raise awareness of the Rohingya Crisis in Myanmar.

The students read slam poetry, sang protest songs and spoke about their experiences of being a refugee. They also performed moving street theatre to attract the attention of passers by.

The students felt that the crisis, still ongoing, has been neglected by the mainstream media as it is no longer newsworthy. They felt that people should know about the persistent issue of ethnic cleansing which is happening in our lifetime, before our very eyes.

The Atlantic College students managed to collect over 200 signatures and reached an audience of about 500 people who passed the demonstration.

The students described the experience as "a successful, heart-warming and moving way to show that we call care."


‘From the person who donated £20, to the person who donated £2000 - thank you. I am extremely grateful and indebted… I will do everything in my power to make sure that the contribution made is going to mean something more…’

Sheryl Ofwona, Class of 2019, from Kenya

The difference of a scholarship

WELCOME to all Global Leadership Experience changemakers. Hope you have a fabulous time here at UWC Atlantic genera…

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Great news Ben. Good luck to you and the team!

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