Building a new Future

Progress Report 2014

With considerable support from generous donors to the college, the oldest part of the castle - The Great Hall, or Old Staff Common Room as it is known by generations of alumni, received a ‘make over’ that has improved the space by fitting glass panels and doors between the Hall and the Gun Room, and between the Hall and the Stradling Entrance. Equipped to act as a reception area, meeting room, and small lecture space, the Great Hall is now a space for use by the whole community.

The next two projects are well developed with refurbishment of the Library under way; and works in preparation for the introduction of the new pre-IB course in the Cavalry Barracks are also well advanced. Together with the financial help of Colin Habgood & Jill Longson, and The Mousetrap Settlement, the improvement in the college’s finances has allowed this work totalling in excess of £1 million to proceed without the need for borrowings.

The challenge for the college, design team and contractors in these projects, has been to ensure that even though the works have been in a listed castle, and barrack building, the team have looked carefully at the opportunities for sustainability initiatives, and improvements in energy and material usage.

Looking ahead, planning is well advanced for a new Sports Hall and for new Boarding Houses. There will be more opportunities to include new technologies and building methods in these projects, though we will ensure that those we include will be tried and tested, and will only be at the cutting edge of developments after carefully assessing associated risks. In addition to environmental and sustainability assessments, value for money will also be a key factor in implementing the elements of the Master Plan. But with further support from fundraising initiatives, and funding opportunities that are affordable, future physical development of the college infrastructure will be sustainable in every regard.


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