Personal and social education 

In order for learning to be effective, students must feel secure and supported. At the same time, part of individual learning is also a growing in self-awareness, so that students understand themselves and how they interact with the people around them. There are opportunities for personal and social development in all elements of the UWC Atlantic College learning programme, but the importance of this aspect of the student experience is also captured in a dedicated Personal Social and Economic Health (PSHE) programme.

Defining personal values

The PHSE programme supports students in dealing with the personal and social challenges that all young people face. What are my personal values? How do I react to situations in a principled way? How do I recognise my individual needs and the needs of the group? What are the strategies I can use to deal with cyber-bullying? How do I understand my personal wellbeing? From students identifying what they are good at from an early age, to students studying for their IB using their self-knowledge to select their path after graduation, the PSHE programme is a dedicated time for students to explore their identity and place in the world.

Students are supported so that they feel truly valued and develop their confidence into effective and committed agents for change needed to shape a better world.

Feeling at home from day one

UWC believes that feeling secure and supported makes learning easier

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