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Scholarships are a strategic priority for the College. We have a focus on diversity and aim to have as many students from different national, cultural, religious and socio-economic backgrounds as possible.

Each year we raise money to offer scholarship places. We also support National Committees that are unable to fund students themselves and reach out to students in areas where there is no National Committee system, particularly students in conflict zones or developing nations. We also look within nations, to take students from different ethnic groups or from both sides of an on-going conflict. Your support helps us reach far and wide.

We continue to offer scholarships based on potential and promise, but we also recognise that wealth is an important part of the diversity within the College. As such, scholarships are means-tested as far as possible. Therefore, if a student needs a full scholarship they will get one, but equally, if we feel that a family can contribute financially then it is only fair that they do so. This allows the limited scholarships fund to help as many people as possible.

Gifts to the College have helped fund new bursaries for 2016 -17; this is in addition to bursaries and financial assistance provided by UWC National Committees. There will be 108 students at the College this year, across both years, directly supported by the College’s fundraising efforts. Overall 50% of students at UWC Atlantic College receive some form of financial support. 

These passionate, capable and talented individuals add so much to the college community; by sharing their culture, life experiences, focus and energy.  Living and learning together allows our students the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of specific nations, cultures and global issues. 

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