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We are proud of our reputation as a training ground for changemakers; students come to us with a vision and leave as globally-aware and socially-responsible graduates empowered to make lasting, positive change.  Those who experience our distinctive approach to education will tell you of its transformative impact.  Those who support our work will tell you how they are helping us nurture thoughtful and compassionate leaders the world needs.  

Philanthropy widens participation and enhances the student experience. A donation to UWC Atlantic could support students in need of scholarships, provide funding for student-led initiatives that enrich the learning opportunity, or help strategic priorities at the College that will promote a world-class education.

How gifts can make a difference

Gifts can support four key areas:

1) Scholarships

Gifts allow us to provide opportunities to students of great promise and potential from around the world – creating an authentically diverse student body and uniting people, nations, and cultures.  

2) Endowment

Gifts secure the long-term future and financial security of the College so that future generations can benefit from a UWC Atlantic education

3) Campus Development

Gifts support us in modernising our campus to meet the needs of the 21st Century student and maintain a 12th Century Heritage Site

4) Curriculum Development

Gifts help us work with others, including the International Baccalaureate Organisation, to develop our curriculum and educational offering, reinforcing the College’s position as a pioneering centre of learning.


Thank you for all your generous gifts. For those of you who have donated previously to our Annual Fund, it has been re-purposed and re-named as the Atlantic Circle.


'An enterprising curiosity, an undefinable spirit, tenacity in putsuit, readiness for sensible and self denial and, above all, compasion.'

Kurt Hahn Founder of the UWC movement

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