Joshua McCarthy

Joshua McCarthy

Diploma Programme, class of 2019, from the UK

The IB is varied, versatile, and focuses on developing your life skills as well as your subject knowledge. We’re in control of how we study, the IB is more independently driven than A-levels, we learn through discussion, debate, and are encouraged to think critically.

I wasn’t interested in taking the easy road; I wanted to challenge myself. The IB has allowed me to express my thoughts independently and develop new skills that will last a lifetime.  Through co-curricular activities, I’ve been able to play tennis for the first time, and have got involved in debates around socialism – these activities both contribute to my final grade.

It’s been a challenge adapting to a new way of learning, sure, but I’ve had an amazingly diverse experience since coming here. Discovering the IB and Atlantic College was a real game-changer for me, and I haven’t looked back since.

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