Ken Corn

Ken Corn

Project Manager/IB Careers Pathway

What excites me most about UWC is encapsulated in the opening phrase of our Mission Statement; ‘UWC makes education a force…’. The ideal that education can and should be that force for the common good, and that this is the focus of our UWC raison d’etre, continues to inspire me, as I hope it does all of our students, staff and friends around the world.’

Originally from New York, Ken Corn has now lived in Britain for more than half of his life and is both a US and UK citizen. Ken has held a number of positions and roles at UWC Atlantic College over the time he has been here including: Houseparent (2x!), Head of Department, Head of Service, Academic Studies Coordinator, Academic Staff Coordinator, Director of Outreach and Impact and currently project manager for IB careers pathway.

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