The UWC Candidate

Here is a quick look at the characteristics typical of most UWC students. They...

  • Seek out challenge, whether it’s tackling a complex assignment, climbing a mountain, or learning a new skill
  • Are passionate about their beliefs and open-minded to the beliefs of others
  • Take action to turn ideas into reality
  • Balance idealism with pragmatism
  • Have the skills and motivation to succeed in an intense academic environment
  • Are curious about the world and about people who come from a range of cultures, religions, and backgrounds
  • Are compassionate and engaged with their community through service and activities.

To connect with current UWC Atlantic College students, visit our UWC Great Britain National Committee Facebook page for British applicants.


For further information

Contact Emily Godsell for information on UWC Atlantic 

T +44 (0) 1446 799308 or T +44 (0) 1446 799295

Atlantic College was the first school in the UK to adopt the IB over the state A-level system

Students have equal focus to academics and four experiential faculties

Atlantic Results

RT #cpsenrichment Teamwork was the name of the game as we enjoyed playing hockey with @UWCAtlantic this afternoon 🏑🥅😎

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Click on the link to learn more and to apply 👇

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