Third Year Opportunities

Students can pursue UWC values and objectives once they have left the college. A UWC education is not just for two years, but for a lifetime. Our graduating students are presented with a portfolio of opportunities that they may wish to pursue for their Gap Year /Third Year summer vacation.

Some examples of these include:

  • Go Make a Difference – Financial sponsorship made available to UWC students for their own self-generated service based projects throughout the world. Application is available on-line.
  • VSO – Voluntary Services Overseas offers highly focused internship opportunities for students who want to hone their skills with this very effective international organisation.
  • Seeds of Peace – A highly regarded international NGO whose mission is ‘to empower youth from conflict regions to work for a better future.’
  • Semester at Sea – the opportunity to spend an entire semester on board a ship that serves as an off-shoot of a US college campus; voyaging around the world and taking classes which can lead to college credits. Some of the places on board this ship are funded by UWC supporters.
  • Global Citizen Year – prepares globally-minded leaders by embedding the bridge year into the American higher education system, transforming the way young people transition into college and approach their continued education. Application is available on-line.
  • World at Play - A charity which focuses on enriching lives through sport and play, taking teams of volunteers on a nine-ten week expedition across The Balkans, working with marginalised children and refugee camps.
  • Winterline Global Skills Programme - Offering UWC students the opportunity for a scholarship to its Global Skills Programme. Over nine months, the students will travel to 10 countries and learn over 100 real-world skills.

The Portfolio of Third Year opportunities help to ensure that a UWC education, and the positive impact that we expect our students to make, is something that truly lasts for a lifetime.

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Click on the link to learn more and to apply 👇

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