What does the Committee do?

The National Committee's main purpose is to select suitable representatives from Great Britain to attend UWC Atlantic College and normally all the other UWCs overseas  each year. In addition, some applicants are offered the opportunity to attend UWC Short Courses, which run for two weeks in various parts of the world each year. 

It is also the aim of the National Committee to raise awareness of the United World Colleges in Great Britain, to ensure wider representation of applicants from different economic and cultural backgrounds, in order to more fairly represent the wide spectrum of British society at the various UWCs.

The National Committee acts a link for UWC graduates of any nationality living in Britain. It is an information source for anybody in the UWC community wishing to get involved in UWC-related activities, as well as graduates searching for local contacts in Britain. 

Open meetings and social gatherings are scheduled all over Britain and graduates are encouraged to attend so they can meet other UWCers in their local areas, and keep up to date on UWC and National Committee issues. The UWC 'connection' continues to be an important part of many graduates lives long after they leave UWC, enabling them to meet like-minded individuals working or studying in similar fields, or having similar interests.

Members of the National Committee are volunteers, and receive only minimal expenses for their work. Members are graduates (of any nationality) of the various UWC colleges, Short Course graduates, ex-UWC teachers, parents and friends. 

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