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Under 10 Challenge Campaign

How is my class doing in the challenge this year?

 Updated 04/04/2018 11:26 (UK time)

Thank you to everyone who has made a gift this year. 

Young Alumni Giving month is a month long campaign where we encourage and celebrate the support from AC's youngest alumni. Donations from young alumni make a huge difference to alumni participation rates and funding scholarships at AC. They inspire major philanthropists to give their support to the College and create opportunities for the next generation of AC students.

Class No. of donors % Names
Class of 2008 15 8.98% David, Karen, Lena, Gwendolyn, Jamie, Valentin, Larissa, Jude, Jenni, Hannah, Malia, Arne, Elisa, Daniel, Kado
Class of 2009 26 15.03% Jose Ignacio, Amber, Stephen, Paula, Consuelo, Lydia, Juan Sebastian, Olivia, Emma, Xavier, Skye, Eluned, Nora, Bjorn, Roisin, Zoe, Ben, Lena, Miriam, Honor, Anjana, Kesey, Tra My, Innocent, Aletha, Olamide
Class of 2010 9 5.06% Jawad, Quinn, Enrico, Jared, Alexandra, Leanne, Tellef, Eirik, Muhammad
Class of 2011 10 5.10% Saul, Michaela, Silvia, Kiloran, Tedi, Valerie, Lin, Colette, Stephanie, Jule
Class of 2012 13 7.83% Sonia, Ilya, Gwilym, Rune, Avni, Harrison, Brynne, Jia Ying, Maria-Zena, Carys, Thomas, Bill, Rhys
Class of 2013 7 3.80% Leila, Nicholas, Avrah, Balazs, Proma, Tim, Constantin
Class of 2014 7 3.98% Rachel, Charlotte, Jip, Clement, Nicole, Francesca, Norbert
Class of 2015  8 4.35% Ben, Theo, Aman, Andrey, Hannah, Mimi, Josephine, Lucy
Class of 2016 11 6.32% Hakob, Clara, Thomas, Ben, Barbara, Muzakkir, Abu Bakarr, Bilal, Kira, Zoe, Pema
Class of 2017  1 0.57% Anya
Total 107 6.67%  

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Under 10’s Challenge

Last year more than 368 young alumni raised an amazing £14,000 to support bursaries at the college

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